Skip Hire

What size skip do you require
First of all you need to determine what waste you have to get rid of. Be realistic in the amount - due to good Health & Safety practice by Grinsell's Skip Hire Ltd we are not able to collect skips if the waste is loaded higher than the sides of the skip. Overloaded skips are dangerous and cannot be legally transported. The skip size guide on our website will give you an idea of what's best for you.  If you need advice please call our sales team on 0121 555 6060 who will be more than happy to help.

Think about access to your premises. For example, we would need to know the width between gateposts - our largest skip vehicle needs approximately 10feet between gateposts. Look for overhead cables and manhole covers. Driveways that are block paved or tarmac for example may be more susceptible to damage when the skip vehicle is collecting a heavy skip. Always check this when ordering - maybe a board to place under the skip can help.  Skip lorries require plenty of room to manouver, please ensure there are no obstructions that will prevent the driver being able to deliver the skip such as parked cars.

Do you have dirt or rubble to remove?
Why not request one of our drop-door skips? They are ideal as wheelbarrows can be wheeled into the skip.

Do you require a permit?

For skips that need to be placed on the road, footpath or grass verge, we have a legalrequirement to apply for a permit with the local council. This normally takes 24hrs and there is a charge, depending on which council you come under. Check with the office when ordering by phone, or make sure you select the appropriate option if ordering via our website.

Do you have any special requirements?

If you have any special requirements, please let us know when you order your skip.  For example, if you have a skip that cannot be left overnight, please tell us when you order so that we can plan ahead for this.

skip 1.jpg

4 Yard Skip  
20-30 Black bags
8-10 Wheelie bins
4 tonnes dirt / brick / concrete etc
Bathrooms / Small Kitchens /

Small Clearout


Length 225cm
Width 170cm
Height 86cm

skip 1.jpg

5 Yard Skip  
35-40 Black bags
12-14 Wheelie bins
5 tonnes dirt / brick / concrete etc
Medium Sized Bathrooms / Kitchens /

Shed Clearance and disposal


Length 265cm
Width 170cm
Height 100cm

skip 1.jpg

9 Yard Skip  

9 tonnes dirt / brick / concrete etc,

Our largest skip for heavy waste.


Length 335cm
Width 180cm
Height 125cm

skip 1.jpg

14 Yard Skip  

(Light waste only)
Perfect for commercial use, such as clearing out office furniture.


Length 390cm
Width 180cm
Height 170cm

skip 1.jpg

8 Yard Skip  
60-80 Black bags
16-20 Wheelie bins
8 tonnes dirt / brick / concrete etc
Big Kitchens / Projects / Sofas

Bulky Items


Length 325cm
Width 180cm
Height 105cm

skip 1.jpg

12 Yard Skip  

(Light Waste Only)
Great for taking bulky items such as large sofas and suites.


Length 360cm
Width 180cm
Height 160cm

skip 1.jpg

16 Yard Skip  
(Light waste only)
Our largest chain lift skip,
Great for commercial use, such as shop fitting.


Length 415cm
Width 180cm
Height 180cm