Grab Hire

Grab Hire is a flexible way to remove of soil, stone and variety of dug-out materials from sites with limited access. Clients' feedback revealed that Grab hire is the way to go when there's no space for a skip, there's no access for skips or if the removal needs to happen manually.

What is grab hire?

Grab Lorry Hire is used for domestic and commercial waste removal. It is operated by one of our experienced drivers who loads the truck with the 8m Grab Arm and delivers it to our transfer station in Smethwick.


Our Grab Lorries are 3 metres wide and 4m in high. In order to allow a grab lorry to successfully enter your site, ensure that all access points have sufficient clearance either side.

What material can a grab lorry carry?

We can take away anything apart from hazardous materials. We are not able to recycle all waste though. We can recycle: soil, muck, aggregates, concrete and topsoil.

How long will the grab take to load?

How long the vehicle takes to load depends on how the waste is situated - if it is neatly set out in one place, it will take around 15-30 minutes to load the vehicle.

How much can a grab lorry carry?

The maximum authorised mass of these lorries is 32 tonnes, so they can carry 16 tonnes of waste.

How far can a grab reach?

Grab lorries can reach up to 8 metres depending on the site.

Do you need any special permits?

No permissions are needed. However, we recommend that you notify any neighbours if we are going to be parked on the side of a public road whilst loading.

Can the grab lorry load over a fence or wall?

We trust our drivers' professional opinion on this, but the lorries are in most cases able to load over fences and walls.

Where do I leave my waste for grab hire?

The efficiency f the waste removal depends on where you leave your waste. The location should be clear of low-hanging tree branches and cables otherwise we may not be able to make the collection.

How much notice do I need to give when booking a grab lorry?

We are usually able to do same day bookings but it always depends on our capacity. Please check out availability in order to ensure your waste removal.